Nicola Collie is a dance and video artist splicing film, projection, and live performance with site-specific improvisation and choreography. Her works pay equal focus to performer and environment, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between subject and setting.

With a background in classical ballet, Nicola moved into modern dance at a tertiary level. She received her Bachelor of Dance from the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. Her artistic process often begins with filmed improvisation prior to setting choreography, with the aim of eliciting direct emotional and physical response to a site-specific environment. She explores the themes of conservation and human interaction with natural and man-made settings in her work. Nicola references the more gestural movements of the human form, to challenge how the physical body is considered.

As an interdisciplinary artist, her studio practice also includes painting and drawing as a means of research. Her style is sinuous and idiosyncratic, resulting in a highly kinetic approach to her creations.

Nicola has been fortunate enough to work for choreographers such as Ryan Heffington, Nina McNeely, Denna Thompson, Amy J Gardner, Celia Rowlson-Hall, and for brands including Adidas, Uber, Ace & Jig, Desigual, and Converse among others.


Wilhelmina Models NYC & LA | Karen Kay Management | Aperture Talent USA