Bachelor of Dance (Contemporary), Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, Australia, completed December 2013

Bachelor of Arts (Political Science & English), University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 2009-2010- deferred due to acceptance to study Bachelor of Dance



Artist Residency on Rabbit Island, Lake Superior. Both live and film work created, currently in editing for gallery installation 2017

'For all my pacing, I do not move'- a dance film based on idiosyncrasies and gestural habits. Official Selection for LA Dance Film Festival, January 2017. Released on Russh Magazine here


Choreographic/performative/film artist residency on Rabbit Island completed

'Saves'- a short dance film shot in downtown Los Angeles on an empty car park lot roof. Currently in editing

'I Can Hear You'- A man walks into a store- " What does it provoke? It provokes possibility. That you may just improvise on. At the very last moment."


'Fifteen Second Series'- filmed in various places in Manhattan and Brooklyn exploring how strict use of time effects choreography and improvisation. Ongoing

‘Cha Cha Cha’- a 5 minute duet in collaboration with choreographer Elle Erdman. This piece was made after invitation to perform at NACHMO studio & site specific showing February 2015

‘Bo’- a work in progress of a short dance film. Filmed in Melbourne, this is a longer recut of footage I originally shot 18 months ago


‘Down Under the Manhattan Bridge’- a short portrait.

‘The way she walks non-stop’- collaboration with Sarah Elsworth for the Christchurch Body Festival 2014. An exploration of process through physical movement alone without a conceptual starting place.

‘A closed subject’- collaboration with Sarah Elsworth for the Christchurch body Festival 2014. An improvisational piece using specific imagery chosen to contrast the sound score. Investigating what this does to the tone of the work with the audience having no background to the piece, having only live performance to work off

‘Improvisation to the Dead C’- solo exploration of improvising to completely unknown experimental music. How this affects the movement tendencies individual artists fall into and how unknown sound effects live composition. A development to a an individual film project I am working on


‘Five’-  a short film aiming to challenge how we receive the idea of identity. This is a development of what I am working on to be a longer project. One of the aspects I am interested in is whether or not the introduction of faces in this is necessary or if it detracts from the way the film is set up initially

‘Super average totally radical’- a short work with five dancers using the space like their own homes and building movement vocabulary through their individual gestural habits and routines. Using walking patterns and pathways to manipulate the movement and change the spatial arrangement and associations the movement grew from


Lead female Actress- 'Lotawana' indie feature film by Mammoth Media. Due in theaters 2018

Dancer- for Nina McNeely 'Angel'- Ryuji Imaichi music video. Releasing February 2018

Dancer- for Amy Gardner 'Fuel' dance film

Actress- for Theory Spring/Summer Campaign '18. Releasing January 2018

Dancer- for Ryan Heffington, DESIGUAL SS18 Runway Show, NYFW 17

Lead Dancer & Actress 'Save Me'-Bridge music video. Premiere on V Magazine

Lead Choreographer- 'Bones'- Culture Wars music video. Due for release January 2018

Invited dance artist- 'Artist Activation Series' at The 14th Factory, Los Angeles, August 2017

Featured Artist- for Converse Cons Campaign 2017

Supporting Actress- 'Playing to Lose'- Lemaitre music video 2017

Dancer & Model- Capezio catalogue 2017

Choreographer & Dancer- Despond & Dempsey Sleepwear 2016

Choreographer, Dancer, co-Producer, Writer- Susan Alexandra FW16 jewelry film

Choreographer, Dancer, Producer- Susan Alexandra FW16 jewelry film.

Dancer, Actress- Anderson East 'The Devil in Me' music video

Dancer, Producer- Girl & Gun Productions X VEDA Clothing Pt 1   Pt ll   Pt lll

Dancer, Choreographer- DTLA- a dance film by Stacey Lee. Currently in post production.

Choreographer- Ryan Egan 'Finest Hour' music video

Dancer, Producer- Austin Hays 'Veneer' music video

Dancer - Glass Gang 'Believe' music video. Vice premiere June 2015

Dancer- for Celia Rowlson-Hall. First showing of 'Vote Audrey', a film by Lena Dunham for Rachel Antonoff x And Other Stories. Choreographed by Celia Rowlson- Hall. New York, May 2015

Dancer, Choreographer - Apiece Apart FW15 film, New York. Released on March 2015

Dancer, Collaborator - for Madeline Krenek’s artist-in-residence development commissioned for The Body Festival, Christchurch, New Zealand. Facilitated through Movement Art Practice & Creative New Zealand. (October 2014)

Dancer, Collaborator -Fragile by Maya Payne music video

Dancer - Julia Milsom’s dance & music education program schools showing

Dancer, Choreographer - Malia Johnston & Emma Willis’ ‘The Art of the Fall’ performance lecture

Actress - ‘Headlights’ by We Rob Banks music video. Produced by Gregory McCann

Dancer, Choreographer - Get Some’ by Remi music video. Produced by Oliver Cole.


Sessional contemporary technique teacher at Anneliese Gilberd Classical Coaching Academy. Christchurch, New Zealand. (2014)

Contemporary technique teacher at Hagley Community College, after 3 program. Christchurch, New Zealand. (2014)

Contemporary technique relief teacher at St. Maragret’s College open class. Christchurch, New Zealand. (2014)

Dance Fitness/Muscle & Bone teacher at Movement Art Practice. Christchurch, New Zealand. (2014)


(Contact details on request)

Julia Harvie - Artistic Director at Movement Art Practice, freelance choreographer

Jo White - Dancer in Phillip Adams Balletlab and technique teacher at The VCA


Meredith Blackburn - Lecturer in Dance at The VCA